Grandad Jack. 1918

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The website looks at many actions of the 54th Battalion CEF in WW1 and some of its members. You can see the lists of all recorded in the 1919 unit history here.

The Officer to the left is Major Alec Jack of the 54th Battalion. He went across and back to friendly lines on Vimy Ridge Day April 6, 1917.

See the Nov 11, 1939 post to the right in “recent posts”. A sample of excellent material are the audio audio files below from the CBC circa 1967 and the fiftieth Anniversary of Vimy Ridge and some of his brief notes.

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There are numerous references for Alec Jack on the Internet. These include a thumbnail sketch on his service record. He won the Military Cross. He was recruited in Hedley BC by Major Travers Lucas who is also featured on the 54th Battalion Website here. Alec Jack is mentioned in Tim Cook’s book “No Place to Run” on the results of a failed attack on the Germans on March 1, 1917. His grandson wrote of Alec Jack here.

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KEY INFO Get your own day by day record of the news clips of WW1 and the day by day struggle or heroism and tragedy. The story archive at the bottom of this page was the brainchild of Vern Schneider of Trail BC. See POST – Remembering Vern Schneider

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400 pages of news clips from local media in Vernon / Nelson BC


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