All who served

On this page you find pop up links for everyone known to have served in the 54th Battalion when they wrote their history in 1919. Note that the list is not strictly alphabetical so check them all when looking for a particular name. When the image appears the second page scrolls to the right on your computer screen.

We also have an extensive collection of biographical sketches on area men who served. Written by noted author Sylvia Crooks – you will enjoy the sketches and can get her full book called “Names on a Centotaph” from Granville Island Publishing.


Lt. Acheson D.A. – Lt. Dickson J.S.

Lt. Dignam H.M. – Capt. Raphael F.M.

Lt. Rashleigh D.S. – Lt. Young J.H.


Pte. Abey F.H. – Pte. Andersen C. Pte. Larose E.E. – Pte. McMaster A.
L/Cpl. Andersen C. – Cpl. Batchelor H.T. Pte. McMillan W.G. – Pte. McIntosh C.K.
Pte. Bath H.J. – Pte. Boyd J. Pte. McIntosh F. – Pte. Martin S.
Cpl. Boiston T.F. – Pte. Brown C.E. Pte. Mason H. – Pte. Moffat M.R.
Cpl. Brown H.E. – Pte. Chalmers J.R. Pte. Montgomery J. – Pte. Neale E.W.
Pte. Chapman S. – Pte. Corrigan A. Pte. Nicholl N.W. – L/Cpl Palmer F.
Pte. Couldery W.W. – Pte. Dickson J. Pte. Peers J.J. – Pte. Rae T.
Pte. Dierecks B. – Pte. Essler S.G. Pte. Relger T.H. – Pte. Rogers J.L.
Pte. Etherington W. – Pte. French F. Pte. Rooke G.I. – Pte. Sheehan A.
Pte. Fradick J.A. – Pte. Godfrey J. Pte. Shuttleworth A.J. – Pte. Stuart C.E.
Pte. Goodin S.N. – Pte. Hartland W.P. Pte. Stubbins G.A. – Pte. Thompson A.
Pte. Harper H. – Pte. Holmeshaw H. Pte. Thompson J.M. – Pte. Wells T.A.
Sgt. Howell A.E. – Pte. Jackson C.H. Pte. West W.W. – Sgt. Whittam W.
Pte. Jackson F. – Sgt. Keffer R. Pte. Whittington R.P. – Pte. Yeager W.A.
Pte. Kennedy P.H. – Pte. Larocque A. Pte. Yeager L.M. – Pte. Zinich E.