Frederick Webber – Bandsman and Machine Gunner

F.V. Webber WW1 Medal aFrederick Webber was a bandsman and machine gunner with the 54th Battalion. He joined up in 1915 in Vernon and demobilised when the unit came through Revelstoke in 1919. His grandson – also named David Webber kindly sent these pictures along. Another version of the story is on Steve Cowan’s Website (follow link to left), you will enjoy it.

In the pictures we see a glimpse of the training they did in Canada – the soldier marches, so the time was well spent – note the clarity of the picture and the unique peace time band uniforms as well as the advanced car in the lower left corner. Did they have boots in the early days of training – the sergeant leading the unit is wearing shoes. The second picture is taken at Bramshott sometime in 1916 – as we know from its hutted barracks. The third picture and fourth (a gold medal front and back) show the gratitude and community spirit of the people of New Denver.

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Fred Webber 54 band 1915

Fred Webber 54th Band 1916

Welcome home Fred Webber

F.V. Webber WW1 Medal aF.V. Webber WW1 Medal b